Fowler Orthodontics strives to create straight, brilliant, healthy smiles that optimize oral functionality, build confidence, and emanate the joy of living. At Fowler Orthodontics, patients are viewed as an extension of the Fowler Family, and are treated with the greatest of personalized care. Dr. Fowler recognizes that each patient is one of a kind, and as such, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan that matches their unique situation.

Additionally, the effervescent staff of Fowler Orthodontics works diligently to clearly communicate with the patients and their families concerning treatment processes, finances, and appointment times. Fowler Orthodontics also offers an upbeat, yet relaxing atmosphere. It is not unusual to find friends and neighbors enjoying a cup of coffee and visiting with one another in the cozy sitting area. Furthermore, the accommodating environment permits parents to join their children in the treatment area, if they so desire.

The Fowlerortho blog offers the straight talk, if you will, regarding orthodontic treatment. Blog topics will range from informative articles about the benefits of orthodontic treatment (along with helpful hints for oral hygiene) to “how-to” articles with braces-friendly recipes. Additionally, you might come across an occasional inspirational story just to brighten your day. So, get comfy and read to your heart’s content. Also, WELCOME!



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