Fowler FAQs

  • Should I still go to the dentist while in braces?

~Absolutely! Dr. Fowler recommends his patients to continue visiting their dentist at six month intervals. A common misconception is that dentists cannot properly clean the teeth of braces patients with all of the brackets and wires. Quite the contrary, dentists are able to reach nooks and crannies that sometimes prove challenging to access. While in braces, it is particularly important to have routine, thorough cleanings so that there is no chance of plaque or tarter build-up around the brackets.

  • What foods should I stay away from while in braces?

~Sticky candies like taffy and caramels or dense foods like nuts, bagels, or crunchy veggies. Foods such as these are more likely to get stuck in between wires or pop brackets off. Certain veggies like carrots and celery are dense, and the best advice on keeping dense, healthy foods in a braces patient’s diet would be to cut up veggies into bite size pieces for ease while eating.

  • Will my braces hinder my participation in particular hobbies like playing sports or playing instruments?

~ Not at all. Believe it or not, people with braces lead normal lives. Those playing musical instruments with mouth pieces may have to adjust a little to the different feel of playing with braces, but it usually doesn’t take long to get accustomed to that.

  • How long should I wear my retainers once I get my brace off?

~Ideally, one should wear their retainers as long as they desire their teeth to remain straight. Studies show that teeth will shift if retainers are not worn on a regular basis; so, be sure to wear those retainers at night if you want to keep that beautiful new smile!