Patient Portal

Now that you have been introduced to our new communications system, it might be helpful to know some specifics about the helpful features offered under your personal patient portal. You can log into your patient portal via the Fowler Orthodontics website,, by clicking the Login button located just underneath our tagline, “Beautiful Smiles, Exceptional Care,” or you can log in via your email appointment reminders.There are 6 tabs, each tab containing valuable information related to your orthodontic experience. From the home page, you can navigate to all of the other portal pages which are as follows: account settings, appointments, my smile, refer a friend, and my feedback. Under account settings, you can manage your username and password that allows you access to your patient portal. Also, you can update your phone numbers and email addresses as well as determine to which you would prefer your appointment reminders sent. Be sure to sign up for our text reminders which, like our email and phone call reminders, make confirming appointments super easy!

The appointments tab allows you to see upcoming appointments and allows you to add them to your electronic calendars. Under the my smile tab, you can access dental records which include any photographs, panorexes, and cephalometrics we have taken. In addition, you can find informative articles about orthodontics that you might enjoy perusing. The refer a friend tab allows you to send an email to any friends or family members who might be interested in orthodontic treatment at Fowler Orthodontics. We cherish our wonderful patients and we would love to have more just as wonderful as you! The final tab is the my feedback tab which allows you to grade Fowler Orthodontics as a practice. We want to know what you think of us so that we might continue to improve to better care for your individual needs.

After reading this post, you should be a pro when it comes to navigating your personal patient portal! Log in and explore today!


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