Mouth Myths

There are several myths concerning orthodontics that have developed over the years. I have accepted the challenge to disprove them so that the truth about orthodontics may be revealed. So, without further ado, let’s bust some myths!!

Myth 1- Orthodontists and dentists perform the same jobs.

Quite the contrary. Dentists treat diseases of the teeth and gums as well as conduct teeth cleanings. On the other hand, orthodontists align teeth so that they function more effectively.

Myth 2- If two people wearing braces kiss, the two sets of braces will interlock causing one embarrassing trip to the principal’s office.

This embarrassing situation is highly unlikely if not impossible. Today’s braces, especially Damon braces (Dr. Fowler is the sole provider of the Damon System in Franklin, TN) have smooth, sleek tops which make it improbable for them to catch on another set of braces. So, pucker up without panic!


Myth 3- Braces are only for teenagers.

Braces are effective at any age. As a matter of fact, twenty percent of orthodontic patients are adults. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile they can be proud of; so, don’t let age stand in the way of the road to straight teeth!

Myth 4-Braces set off metal detectors.

Most metal braces are made of austenitic stainless steel, nickel titanium, and tiny traces of other metals. The metals listed are not magnetic and will not cause a metal detector to alarm. In other words, braces-wearers, you are clear for take-off and feel free to shop ‘til you drop!

Myth 5- Braces are painful.

I know one young lady who believed that getting braces meant the brackets were actually screwed into the teeth. I can assure you this most certainly is NOT the case. Getting braces is not a painful process. It does take a couple of days for the mouth to get accustomed to the metal brackets, but after that it is pretty much smooth sailing (with the occasional bout with soreness from tightenings).


2 thoughts on “Mouth Myths

  1. I had never even thought about #4! That would be embarrassing if they did. I can definitely say my metal braces have never set off a metal detector, so have no fear!

    • If this myth had been true, I would have cried every time I went shopping and my eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. would have been the pits because every museum has metal detectors. Haha!

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